Fluting and Reeding Details on Counters and Vanities

Fluting and Reeding Details on Counters and Vanities

One timeless look stands out in the ever-evolving world of interior design trends: fluted details. These ribbed, textured lines have been making waves at design shows, gracing everything from kitchen islands to bathroom vanities with their elegant, accordion-like finish. 
One of the earliest examples of fluting dates back to Greek Doric columns, but in 2024, fluting can be incorporated in various ways, from sleek marble accents on contemporary range hoods to organic wooden dowels and slats on kitchen islands and cabinetry. The aesthetic versatility of fluting allows homeowners to customize their space according to their budget and style preferences.

Fluting vs. reeding in interior design

It’s important to note the distinction between fluted and reeded designs. While fluted details curve inward, forming channel-like grooves, reeded curves have an outward appearance. Both options offer a statement-making touch that can elevate the look of countertops, vanities, and dining room tables.

Materials like glass, wood, marble, and tiles made from everything from terracotta to porcelain can all be used in fluting and reeding, with patterns available within fluting and reeding options.

What hardware looks best with fluting and reeding?  

When it comes to complementing fluted and reeded looks, the choice of cabinet hardware plays a crucial role. Sleek and minimalist hardware options, like brushed nickel or matte black handles, can provide a contemporary contrast to the textured surfaces. Alternatively, solid brass or bronze-toned hardware can add a touch of warmth and traditional charm to the overall aesthetic. For maximum impact, consider our Murano glass collection or our Belle cabinet series.
Whether you’re updating kitchen cabinetry or refreshing a bathroom vanity, incorporating fluting or reeding details is a surefire way to infuse your space with dimension and visual interest.

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